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Chhaya Ghosh Mahila B.Ed College

Lalbagh, Murshidabad, West Bengal

Details of Infrastracture and Instructional facilities


Our library is a vast ocean of knowledge intersperssed with different pearls of well stocked books, Educational Journals and CDs. Our library is stocked with 1000 B.Ed books. To supplement this knowledge our library has a depository of journals, with E-Books, Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, YearBooks and new pearls in the form of new books are added frequently. Along with this the library offers services of inter library loan to avail the rich reservoir of knowledge form other libraries.

Computer Laboratory

Our institution has opened up the windows on knowledge by setting up a well equipped computer laboratory which assists us to keep pace with the current changing roles of the teacher in this technology driven educational scenario. The institution has full-fledged computer laboratory with LAN and 24 hours uninterrupted Internet connection. The laboratory is equipped with Scanner, CD writer and other equipments which are effectively utilized by the faculty as well as students to make their teaching learning process and research effective. Open access to online research based journals is provided to the students to equip them with the skills of conducting research.

Psychology Laboratory

The institution optimally utilizes the Psychology Laboratory which has various standardized intelligence tests, aptitude, creativity tests and also interest, adjustment and personality inventories which prove to be beneficial to the M Ed and the PhD students in their endeavors related to psychological constructs. In addition to this, the institute is equipped with the requisite equipments required for conducting the various psychology experiments for B Ed students

Language Laboratory

The language lab is a technological break for imparting skills in English. The digital language lab motivates student’s learning attitude and provides an interactive learning environment. The K. J. Somaiya College of Education language laboratory serves the purpose of language learning and teaching needs of the pre service teachers. The institute has an air conditioned Digital Language Learning. Lab. Language teachers operate it in an effective way to develop and refine the language skills of our pre service teachers. The language lab has its own software packages for training pre service teachers. Language lab provides tremendous scope and opportunities for teaching and learning of the essentials related to the acquisition of basic skills, understanding and application of a new language. This feature enables downloading of the recorded lesson from the teacher's console. The student can listen to the native speaker’s lessons and pronunciations see video clippings and read the text. The student has provision to type the text material on the screen. The student can repeat the lesson assigned by the linguist, record and replay. Continuous repetition of the correct pronunciation gives fluency. This paves way to excellent communication. Teacher console provides with information of students. The teacher in charge is available during college hours for student consultation. The services of the language laboratory are also open to the sister institutes. Last year, English method students made use of language lab for training vernacular medium students in acquiring the verbal skills necessary for effective communication. Vernacular medium pre service teachers could really benefit from it and the basic conversational skills helped them to face job interviews.

Multi Purpose Laboratory

This lab was created as suggested by the previous NAAC team. It has arrangements for performing science experiments. There are cupboards for storing various models, equipments and teaching aids. This room has provision for displaying all the teaching resources of the institute. Students utilize these resources and also generate new resources during various club activities.. Every year the teaching resources made by students are added to this lab.


We organize annual sports events, both indoor and outdoor games such as carom, chess, athletics, shot put, discus throw, javelin throw, etc.


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How to reach us :

From Sealdah : Train - Lalgola passenger, Bhagirathi Express, Destination station - Murshidabad. Bus - Any bus goes to Berhampore, Maldah ect Stopage - Berhampore

From Howrah : Train - Howrah Malda Intercity express via Azimgunj, any train goes to Azimgunj Destination station - Khagraghat Road

From North east state and north bengal : Any train goes through Khagraghat Road or any bus goes through Berhampore. Destination Stop - Berhampore.

From Berhampore : Chhaya ghosh Mahila B.Ed College, Lalbagh, Murshidabad, Beside BSF Camp.